Production Capabilities

INDUS is vertically integrated with operations including large scale cultivation, extraction, processing, manufacturing, branding, packaging and wholesale distribution of cannabis products to retail dispensaries statewide.


INDUS Cultivation operations are located in Monterey County with a facility comprising of 225,000 square feet of greenhouse structures sited on 10 acres. Farming cannabis at this scale enables INDUS to curate specialized strains and maintain greater control over the quantity and quality of cannabis available for our products, preserving the consistency of our flower and cannabis feedstocks for our extraction laboratory and product manufacturing operations.


INDUS Extraction was launched in 2017 with a 5,000 square foot licensed laboratory within our Salinas manufacturing facility. The lab contains six separate volatile extraction rooms that can each house one independent closed loop volatile extraction machine. Each ETS machine has the capacity to process over 120 pounds of dry product per day yielding over 7.5 kilograms of cannabis concentrates. We also own and operate 12 purge ovens in conjunction with the ETS units in the laboratory.

The laboratory also includes a non-volatile extraction room consisting of a CAPNA ethanol extraction machine, an ethanol chiller to maintain the ethanol at negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit for consistent production, and a 5 liter Pope distillation machine to process over 3 kilograms of clear distillate per day. We also operate a dedicated rotovap room consisting of 50 liter and a 20 liter Buchi rotovap machines to purify the oil before the distillation process.

The extraction operations also include a cold-water hash production room with six machines and four freeze dryers to produce both high grade cold water hash for packaging and distribution as well as food grade material for inclusion in manufactured products.

The extraction operations utilize cannabis feedstocks from our cultivations as well as feedstock acquired from other approved cultivations. Concentrate production is packaged as branded extracts, such as crumble and shatter, for distribution, incorporated into our manufactured edible products and sold in bulk to other licensed enterprises. In addition, extraction is provided as a fee-based service on third-party material.


Our manufacturing operation, operated by Cypress Manufacturing Co., produces a wide variety of cannabis-infused products in our 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Salinas. Our products include chocolate confections, beverages, baked goods, and hard and soft non-chocolate confections. We utilize modern commercial production equipment and employ food grade manufacturing protocols, including industry-leading standard operating procedures to ensure that our products meet stringent quality and safety standards. We have implemented updated compliance, packaging and labeling standards to meet the requirements of the Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act with the advent of adult use legalization in California.

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