What We Do

INDUS Holding Company is vertically-integrated with operations that include large-scale cultivation, extraction, processing, manufacturing, branding, packaging, and wholesale distribution to licensed retail dispensaries from our various warehouses in California.


INDUS Holding Company’s licensed cultivation operations are located within our 225,000 square foot greenhouse structure located on 10 acres near our corporate headquarters in Salinas, California. The greenhouse offers full control of the growing environment, including temperature, water, humidity, light depravation, air pressure and more while being able to leverage the power of the sun in the spirit of sustainability. Farming cannabis at this scale enables INDUS Holding Company to curate specialized strains and maintain greater control over the quantity and quality of cannabis available for our products, preserving the consistency of our flower and source materials for our extraction laboratory and product manufacturing operations.


INDUS Holding Company’s extraction facilities – licensed for adult use and medicinal cannabis production – are located within a 5,000 square foot laboratory at our Salinas, California manufacturing facility. The lab contains six separate volatile extraction rooms that can each house one independent closed loop volatile extraction machine. Each machine has the capacity to process more than 120 pounds of dry product per day, yielding up to 7.5 kilograms of cannabis concentrates. We also own and operate 12 Cascade Vacuum purge ovens in conjunction with the ETS units in the laboratory.

The laboratory also includes a non-volatile distillation room consisting of a ChemTec KDT6 distillation unit, which can process 5Kg of material every 90 minutes in a single batch. We also operate a dedicated rotovap room consisting of 50-liter AI and a 20 liter Buchi rotovap machines to purify the oil before the distillation process.


INDUS Holding Company’s manufacturing operation, operated by Cypress Manufacturing Company, produces a wide variety of cannabis-infused products in our 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Salinas. Our products include chocolate confections, beverages, baked goods, gummies and hard candies.

We utilize modern commercial production equipment and employ food grade manufacturing protocols, including industry-leading standard operating procedures to ensure that our products meet stringent quality and safety standards.

We have implemented updated compliance, packaging and labeling standards to meet the requirements of the Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act with the advent of adult use legalization in California.


As a division of INDUS Holding Company, INDUS Distribution operates two distribution centers, with one in southern and the other in northern California. We hold local and state adult-use and distribution licenses, and have taken great steps to remain at the forefront of logistics and compliance. In August 2018, INDUS Distribution became the exclusive distribution partner for WAYV, a revolutionary e-commerce supply chain and logistics platform for brands and retailers. The platform is a game changer for the cannabis industry, solving many of the challenges that exist with connecting retailers and brands. This approach creates opportunities for INDUS to diversify and do business with any compliant cannabis brands and retailers in California.

WAYV Powered by INDUS Distribution

WAYV is an automated, on-demand supply chain logistics platform servicing California’s growing cannabis industry. WAYV technology streamlines the traditional business-to-business process, including transport, sales, and payment through a one-stop website that integrates regulatory and compliance checks. Founded in 2017 by veteran technology executive Keith McCarty, WAYV serves as a transparent, efficient tracking and compliance platform that is creating a new standard and surpasses the fulfillment experience of non-cannabis markets in today’s on-demand world.